LEUCHTIE - light collar for dogs - Glowdoggie

LEUCHTIE - the innovative LED Light Collar for dogs

Dear Customers in the USA & Canada,

Our LEUCHTIEs were sold under the brand name Glowdoggie in America.
Since the distributor has closed down we're happy to currently also supplying the many customers in Canada and the USA.
You'll find our entire LEUCHTIE range online.

In our English online shop you can order your LEUCHTIE easily: https://www.shop.leuchtie.com

Please contact us for any further questions we'd be pleased to assist you.

Perfect Quality made in Germany!

  • extremely bright constant light
  • absolutely water resistant
  • easy to clean
  • switches on and off automatically
  • low battery consumption
  • spare parts available
Laprador with LEUCHTIE Glowdoggie led light collar

LEUCHTIE - LED light collar for dogs in different colors - Glowdoggie

For more information go to our onlineshop https://www.shop.leuchtie.com